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Spring-a-ling-a-ling... New Season Incoming!

Spring-a-ling-a-ling... New Season Incoming!

Spring is in the Air!
It's impossible not to smile when you see early-spring golden daffodils waving in the breeze. Although we're reluctant to jinx it, it's time to say goodbye to the winter blues and warmly welcome the arrival of spring. Springtime is my favourite time of the year, I can finally get out into my garden! It's time to prepare for all the new seedlings I'm propagating on my windowsills. Instead of using those tiny plastic pots that ALWAYS crack - I made my own biodegradable newpaper seedling pots with this handy  Eco Pot Maker.

When they're ready to plant, just pop them straight in the ground, it's so easy! This year I want an edible garden and to make sure I have herbs and veggies all year round its great to plan your garden out month by month. I'm eyeing up this new book from GIY (Grow It Yourself) Ireland - Grow, Cook, Eat is filled with gardening tips and is packed with recipes from over 35 of the biggest names in food, including one of my favourite chefs, Hugh Fearnley Whittingstal.

There is one essential ingredient that I can't grow in the garden - Mushrooms! Mushrooms need a damp and dark space to thrive. I never thought you could grow them yourself until I got this Mushroom Home Growing Kit for Christmas. I started in late January and I'm on my fourth harvest. And these ain't no old, boring button variety - these are exotic oyster mushrooms. And they are so tasty!


No edible garden would be complete without a herb garden. Some herbs are hardy enough for the veg patch but some need a little bit of extra warmth and care, and the kitchen windowsill is the perfect spot for sunshine and to be at hand while you cook. I love these Japanese Cultivate & Eat growing bags - Packed like traditional Japanese rice bags, they come with everything you need to cultivate delicious, healthy Japanese greens from seed. These will be delicious in my summer salads!

One thing all green-fingered souls would appreciate are some good quality tools. Anything from this seriously stylish range from Burgon & Ball would make a great gift (hint, hint) although it wouldn't be an entirely selfless gift - we know you just want some of our harvest!






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