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This week at designist

This week at designist

Two of our favourite gadgets for summer excursions. The Clip Lens Set is deadly for creating effects with your camera phone, the macro one is particularly brilliant for capturing bugs close up! And Sugru is brilliant for fixing or improving everything from camping gear to barbecue tools




These No-tie Shoe Bands are a genius idea for comfortable summer feet! Replace your regular laces with these bands, so you can slip your shoes on and off with ease, without having to tie a knot! Also great for people less mobility, as you can slide any pair of trainers on and off with the help of a shoe horn and the No-tie bands. 



Some handy lighting options for festival season! With a Bottle Light charged up, you can create a cool lamp out of any bottle for ambient lighting at the campsite. Silicon Purse Light is a handy LED light with a loopy strap for hanging on any bag or zip, great for finding your way in the dark. And the Light-up Slap Bands have flashy LEDs as well!



Heading off on holidays with the kids? Or worried it's gonna rain at home all summer?! Be An Irish Explorer is an awesome boredom-busting activity pad that will keep kids entertained for hours. A brilliant travel companion for young art and history lovers, it's jam packed with drawing and colouring tasks, inspirational questions, fun facts and engaging illustrations. The book takes us on a tour of Ireland, with each page detailing a new place or story. When we learn about the crowing of King Puck, we're asked to make up our own weird and wonderful festival. The page about Irish writers talks about James Joyce and inspires us to give stream of consciousness writing a go. There's an activity to go with all aspects of Irish life and folklore from the GAA to surfing, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow to the Titanic, Wexford strawberries to Claddagh rings, and much more. Written by Bex Shelford, a teacher and art therapist living in Co. Dublin near the sea, this activity book is an excellent gift for creative kids going on holidays or travelling around Ireland.




Delicious aromas from the summer range of Crop Candles wafting through the shop on Thursday! Elderflower, Rhubarb and Gorse, all gorgeous fresh scents to remind you of the Irish countryside in summer!



Ah would you look at the terrified eyes on poor Beast! In another adorable book from Chris Judge, we explore the trial and error of an expecting parent trying the hardest for the Baby Beast he’s about to meet. Parents and children alike will love the charming illustrations and sweet story, teaching us all a little bit about the joy of having a new family member to love. We just ❤️ this lovely new kids book




Bit drizzly out there on Saturday, but when has that ever stopped us barbecuing?! This super-handy BBQ basket from Sagaform makes it all the easier. Whether you’re looking to keep your veggies away from stray meat juices, want to keep your sausages from falling into the charcoal or are just looking for an easier way to get food straight from the grill to the table. Generously sized, it is made with a fine stainless steel mesh perfect for keeping small foodstuffs safe from the flames, and comes with a wooden, detectable handle; making barbecue cooking easier than ever before. 




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