This week at designist

Ma! Ma! Mam!... A lovely card by Twisted Doodles to get your mam's undivided attention this Mother's Day.




Some mini gift ideas for your massive ma! Supoons and Mini Supoons are becoming a fast favourite in store. Scrape, measure, spoon all with the one gadget, designed to sit of your counter as you work.




A lovely Irish language greeting card for Mother's Day from @eoinwhelehanillustration. Is Brea Liom Mo Mham x Translates as 'I love my Mam'.




We picked up some gorgeous fresh daffodils on Friday from our pal @ballad.of.home outside Dunnes on George’s Street. A great way to support the Irish Cancer Society and they look beautiful in our Strom vase!




Friday night fun with some Dangerous Experiments for After Dinner! How do you open a champagne bottle with a sword? How do you hammer a nail through a coin? This set of cards guides you through 21 daredevil dinner party tricks to impress your guests.




We had a new arrival from Burgon & Ball. This awesome indoor watering can is perfectly designed with a looped handle so you can reach high up and low down plants with ease, and the long pointed spout gives you perfect aim from a distance. The Apple Bird feeder is another clever design for the garden.




“It is not enough that we build products that function, that are understandable and usable, we also need to build products that bring joy and excitement, pleasure and fun, and, yes, beauty to people’s lives.”

Don Norman