We are bursting at the seams in our shop on George's Street with new and exciting products, so to make space, we've moved some things off the shop floor. There's only one or two of some of these products left, so if you like it grab it like a rabbit!
Conductive PaintConductive Paint
Sold out

Conductive Paint

€28 €33.50
Fox Wall StencilsFox Wall Stencils
On sale

Fox Wall Stencils

€18 €22.50
Shapes MugsShapes Mugs
On sale

Shapes Mugs

€15 €22.50
Dine Egg Cup - Set of 4Dine Egg Cup - Set of 4
On sale

Dine Egg Cup - Set of 4

€17.50 €20.50
Dine Dinner Plates - Set of 4Dine Dinner Plates - Set of 4
On sale
Whirly Wyatt LED bulbWhirly Wyatt LED bulb
On sale

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