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Designer Profile: Sticks ff

Today we would like to introduce Sticks ff.

“Our aim in setting up Sticks was to create bespoke, innovative furniture in which the initial concept could develop – fluently and organically- right through the manufacturing process . It’s all about interpreting a brief through the prism of our own style so that the finished piece accurately mirrors our clients needs and the pleasure we tool creating it.”
Nik O’Donnell and Andrew Burdock graduated from NCAD in 1999 with B.As in industrial design.
In 2004, Nik and Andy created sticks , a unique bespoke design company that reflects their shared passion for innovative contemporary furniture and quality without compromise.
In their latest work, Sticks have concentrated on simplifying their crafts process and  aesthetic approach while retaining their core concerns – excellent build – quality, clean style and fanatical attention to detail.

The result is an exciting range of contemporary furniture that is cool, very affordable and ready to go, as can be seen below in their range of plywood furniture designed for us.

d: What’s the nicest thing that happened to you today?

N: Met a pal’s month old boy.

A: My girlfriend bought us matching jumpers!

d: How do you like your eggs?

N: Any way with hot sauce.

A: Dippy with soldiers.

d: Which product do you wish you had designed?

N: Eileen Gray’s lacquered ‘brick’ screen.

A: Eames plywood chair (45-46)

d: Who is your design Hero?

N: Achille Castiglioni

A: Arne Jacobsen

d: What object couldn’t you live with out?

N: Paper

A: Pencil

d: What’s humanity’s greatest achievement / design / product?

N: The blade

A: Wheel

d: What can’t you leave the house without?

N: Black coffee

A: My phone

For a preview of Sticks website check out

For more information on Andy and Nik’s design heroes check out.

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