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Designer Profile: Hugo Thompson

Today we would like to introduce Hugo Thompson.

Hugo is a freelance designer, with a genuine love of objects and our relationships with them. His work is both sculptural and full of resonance for the objects that inspire and are used to create it, as can be seen in his piano series.

Not content with a BA in Industrial Design from NCAD he also went off and got himself a BA Furniture Design from UBI & University of Huddersfield. He worked on in-house projects for manufacturers and consultancies in both product and furniture design and has exhibited his work both in Ireland and internationally.

d: Which product do you wish you had designed?

HT: Well one of the great products I’ve come across, also a product designist stocks, is the garlic press by RoyalVKB. Its just a brilliant piece of design, beautiful, easy to use and clean, it really does remove all garlic smell from your hands when you wash it, will last several lifetimes and its affordable to most people. I’ve bought several over the years as gifts.

d: Who is your design Hero?

HT: James Dyson for Product Design and business savvy, design maverick Trevor Baylis for Social responsibility and inventiveness and Antonio Citterio for his design style. Marc Newson’s designs are pretty cool too.

d: What object couldn’t you live with out?

HT: Literally, my glasses or contact lenses!

d: Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall?

HT: What happened to Autumn?

d: What’s humanity’s greatest achievement / design / product?

HT: Well if it wasn’t for electricity we’d have a lot less products. I guess a runner for humanity’s greatest achievement would be, our growth of knowledge, so the printing press, books and the internet would be the product of this. The big question would be, what should humanity choose to do with all its knowledge?

For more information on Hugo’s work check out

For more information on Hugo’s design heroes check out

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