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Graduate Designer Profiles – 4th Level Show

Designer Profile – Owen Quinn

Owen studied Industrial Design at NCAD. His final year project was a design for a mountain rescue system. He names it LIFELINE. He built a harness and a stretcher that are far more versatile, lighter and more practical than anything that exists at the moment. He put a lot of emphasis on materials and has come up with something unique.
In Owen’s own words “when a rescuer carries an injured civilian, the load is spread to their hips, resulting in less stress and strain, speeding up recovery time”.

It’s a brilliant idea – image below.

We asked Owen a few questions and here is how he responded:

d: What’s the thing you’ll miss most about being in college?
OQ: The feeling that you know so much.

d: What will the name of your Autobiography be?
OQ: Where to go from here?

d: Which product / machine / concept do you wish you had designed?
OQ: The cat’s eye on roads.

d: How do you like you eggs?
OQ: Sunny side up always. The perfect start for me in the morning is egg sunny side up, served with crispy streaky bacon, toast with crushed avocado on top, and 3 pieces of asparagus . So tasty until you dip the toast in the runny egg and see the uncooked white part of the egg dangling from your toast. Ahh the troubles of life!

d: What city would you like to live in? – even just for a little while..
OQ: Amsterdam, its so pretty and filled with lovely playful design. i want an old apartment with big windows looking out onto a canal. I want it on the 1- 3rd floor of the building…also a balcony with a circular steel table and chair surrounded by a few colorful flowers. In the kitchen i want a white orchid in a glass bowl to show off the roots…everything else I’m open to compromise..ohhh white bed sheets on a low bed with un-plastered walls and big windows and a semi transparent white curtain. anyone out there now who is employing….give me a shout at

d: Cats or Dogs?
OQ: dogs for sure…. I have a beautiful border collie, he’s adorable and so smart.

Owen in action

Owen with his exhibition piece in designist

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