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Valentine’s Day Cards

This year, we put out the call that we wanted submissions for Valentine’s Day cards and got a massive response. We went to print with 11 designs, each one as smart, quirky and well designed as the next. Bravo!

We are delighted to have them on sale here in designist for 3 Euro each.

They are selling fast, so make sure you get in to designist on or before the 14th to grab yours.

The contributing artists and designers are listed below.
designist want to say a massive THANK YOU to every one of them.


Seek Design
Seek Design is an emerging design practice specialising in Interior Architecture and Graphic Design.
Visit to find out more.

Jennie Flynn.
Jennie is very fond of Jam and is one half of designist.

Thomas Parkes, musician, illustrator and stand up guy.
When we asked him to say a few words about his work he said
“Tee hee hee hee hee hee hee tee hee hee hee hee hee hee tee hee hee hee hee tee hee hee hee”

Nadia Salam
Nadia is a Dublin based Graphic Designer. She recently graduated from D.I.T. and is currently freelancing.
All work can be viewed at

Sera Holland.
A graphic and textile designer, Sera creates bespoke fabric designs and turns them into handmade products available at:

Orlaith Mernagh / Brillig Design.
Orlaith’s inspiration comes from the streets of Dublin, the beaches and parks of the North County, and from celebrating the events and occasions of Irish life.

Colin Giles.
International man of mystery and co-creator of Wardsback.

Colin Eaton.
Colin’s works span across disciplines and scales, from graphics and cards, (like this one!) to branding, interiors, architecture and master planning. Whether a tap or a tower – each requires the designer’s process of thought, decision making and dedication. Where does the telescope end and the microscope begin? Who knows! What matters is to keep looking.

Emily Flynn.
Emily is a Product Design student. She makes images on computer with lots of tender loving frowning and squinting. She can be found in The Ha’penny Flea Market in The Grand Social most Saturdays.

Aisling Mac Namara.
Aisling is a recent graduate from graphic design in DIT. She has a particular interest in illustration and animation.

Punch and Fable.
Punch and Fable, a new Cork based label headed by designer Steph Sheahan. Steph’s overall mission for Punch and Fable is to create timeless and punchy designs that tell a story.

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