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Toys at designist – LOTS. OF. TOYS.

It’s only a teeny bit too early to start going on about Christmas,  but we pride ourselves of being slightly ahead of the curve on most things,  so Christmas it is!

And what says Christmas better than NEW TOYS!?
We have selected a really cool range of toys to stock this Christmas.
Our personal favourites are PLAN Toys and MakeDo Toys,  although we have lots of great brands to choose from.

Plan Toys use Rubber Tree wood and their toys are exceptionally beautiful. Their non-toxic paints are bright and bring amazing life to the toys. Check out the Pull Along Snail posted below. Adorable.

Above him you’ll see one of the four MakeDo Kits we have in stock. MakeDo Find & Make Kits introduce children to the idea of using found materials as the building blocks for their creativity – see them transform any box or paper tube into a robot arm or robot control centre. Each kits comes with hinges, safety saw, screws, clips and lots of stickers to decorate your toy when you’ve made it. Just find the parts in the recycling bin, and Bob’s your uncle. Choose from Robot, Flowers, Car or Dollhouse.

Check out our entire range of kid’s toys and accessories on our webshop


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