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le box of cool is back!

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Remember this time last year –  yes that IS a year ago! – when we brought you le box of cool mark 1. Well, its back, and this time it’s four times better!

Le box of cool is a great way to give a gift. Curated by designist in cahoots with le cool Dublin, this box is a selection of bits and pieces that take all the stress out of buying gifts. You bought the box, but you didn’t decide what went into it –  that’s our call.

The gift becomes a surprise for both giver and receiver –  all the more fun.

There are 4 different boxes to choose from.

– his – ideal for all sorts of hims, brothers, mates, uncles, dads, lads at work, bros, buddies….
– hers –  ideal for all the wimmin, sisters, mams, aunties, nieces, bffffs…
– mistletoe box – for that special someone – awww!
– selection box –  full of fun little things to make you smile – suitable for everyone.

To get your le box of cool, go to http://shop.designist.ie/collections/le-box-of-cool/products/le-box-of-cool and order yours fast. There are only a limited amount available. They’ll be ready to collect or be sent out on Dec 15th.

Any queries, give us a call on 01 4758534 or drop a line on leboxofcool@designist.ie

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