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Crystal Clear - Glassware from Riedel

With Riedel you are in the company of sommelier royalty. The Austro-German company was founded in 1756 and has only spent the last, oh, couple of hundred years or so perfecting their craft. In the '50s Professor Claus J.Riedel was the first designer in the world to recognise that the bouquet, taste, balance and finish of wines are affected by the shape of the glass. Clever chap. Riedel is still a family business and today is run by Georg and his son Maximilian, who is the 11th generation to continue the family legacy.
Riedel O Tumbler Series

But enough of the history lesson, where the years of design mastery are felt is in their use, and even wine connoisseurs have been fooled into thinking the same wine was something else just because it was served in a Riedel glass. The architecture of the (stemmed) glass, for example, takes the bowl shape and size, stem length, rim diameter and the width of the base into account and ensures they all correlate to give you the tastiest glass of wine possible. With thin-blown crystal and their beautiful shapes and sizes, the glasses make a stunning gift or addition to any dinner table. And if you can't quite imagine using a different glass for every wine you try, as well the varietal-specific ranges, Riedel do options for more casual wine enthusiasts which will fit a general profile of varietals and grapes.
Riedel O Series Decanter Set
Riedel are world renowned among winemakers, food critics and glassware producers alike. Many call them the best wine glasses in the world and they have even received accolades in The Wine Advocate, prestigious wine critic Robert M. Paker Jr's celebrated international newsletter.
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