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opening hours mon - sat 10 - 6pm, sun 12 - 5.30pm
68 south great george's street, dublin 2 (+353) 1 475 8534

New Dutch designs

Pronounced 'powk', Puik Art is a young Dutch design house that collaborates with a range of exciting, new, cutting edge designers to create stylish, contemporary products and homeware.

Puik art salt and pepper setUnder the Puik banner, the designers can concentrate purely on designing, as they don't have to deal with marketing or production side of things.

We love the work of Ka-Lai, especially her salt and pepper shakers called Boeien or buoys. They feature cork and hand-blown glass in a sleek, yet playful design. Because of the convex shape of the cork bottom, the shakers may tilt slightly, much the same as bobbing buoys in the water.


Clork by Puik art

 The Clork is another product that is utterly unique. Simple forms combined with natural cork material give the Clork a great look and feel. Its left corner stable in the present, while the circular right side allows time to roll by. The Clork feels right at home on a desk, shelf or a nightstand.

The Puik mouth blown crystal glassware range by Lara van der Lugt takes inspiration from a rare and valuable resourse. Diamonds. Like water, diamonds are increasingly rare and these glasses and carafe are influenced by the shape and light of a diamond's cut, capturing the feel of its angles. This also allows the products to sit on their sides in an origianal and unusual way.

Radiant decanter and rare glasses by Puik art

Using these glasses with their Seco stainless steel coasters is not only a beautiful design solution, it's a talking point that will set your interior apart from the rest.

Check out our collection from Puik Art here.

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