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A New (Academic) Year - A New You

A New (Academic) Year - A New You

Okay, we know you’re already perfect just as you are - but sometimes even the best of us need a little bit of help to make life that much simpler.


Enter the Change Journal from Leuchtturm1917.

The Change Journal offers 24 small, but effective changes to your life - and unlike some other organisational methods it is up to you to decide just how much (or how little) you do and how you do it. Want to read the book backwards? Easy peasy. Want to randomly open a page each day for inspiration? Go for it. Only feel like implementing one suggestion? no problem! You’re using the book exactly as it is intended. The only hard and fast rule is that once you start a chapter you are encouraged to keep going with it for one week. This will let you decide how beneficial the suggested change is for you.

Because its made by Leuchtturm1917 the journal itself is as beautiful as you’d expect it to be. The hardcover book (available in two colours) is thread-sewn, making it super-durable and the paper inside is both ink-proof (so no show-through or blotching) and acid-free (so no discoloration over time).

Colourful, informative and interactive, the journal contains 24 topics that touch on every aspect of life from health to hobbies to ambitions. Each section starts with a two minute introduction to give some context to the suggested task and to help you decide if this is an idea you might find useful. This makes it super accessible so that even the most hesitant of us have no excuse to get started. Here at designist we have been focusing on chapters 3, 11 and 14 (that's rewards, reading and single tasking) and we are already feeling the positive effects.


So why not find some inspiration to take those small steps today? - Did you make time to read today? Did you give yourself a chance to save money? Have you complimented someone today? Have you made a NOT-to-do list to help break those bad habits? Or had a chance to reflect on where you are in life and where you hope to be?

For us we found that what we really liked about this journal was that each suggestion presented felt small and highly acomplishable; yet by putting all of these little ideas together in a straight forward way, it helped give us a full overview of the direction we were taking in life and helped us reflect on our own aims, ambitions and lifestyle.It gave us some simple tools to begin our journey to a more structured life, and sure, that's all we really need to let our awesome-ness shine through!


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