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A New Dawn - Wake Up To Alarm Clocks

A New Dawn - Wake Up To Alarm Clocks

If you're considering doing a bit of phone detoxing, leaving it out of the bedroom at night is a great idea. It means we're not interrupted by lights or notifications during the night, and we're not bombarded with work and news as soon as we wake up. Using an alarm clock instead gives us a better night's sleep, and means we can at least have a coffee before we start to deal with the day. Here's our selection of alarm clocks that will have you gladly go to bed without your phone. And if you're buying for someone else, this alarm clock re-awakening means it won't be insulting to give one as a gift this Christmas!


Say goodbye to being jolted awake from your slumber and wake up gently with the Edge Light Alarm Clock instead. This genius design is inspired by bamboo and saves space by combining an alarm clock with an ambient light for your bedside.

Crafted from natural cherry wood, this little flip alarm clock is the perfect bedside buddy. With simple design and functionality, this alarm clock has lovely touch control buttons and a handy flip alarm control - when the alarm goes off you just turn the clock over to switch it off. Or to snooze, you gently stroke the top of the clock, and it will leave you alone for another 5 minutes.

This sweet little radio clock has a clean, uncomplicated yet strong design that makes it stand out from the radio crowd. The clock display is a lovely gentle blue light that projects through the aluminium-coated wood box, which can be activated with the click of your fingers or the clap of your hands. Choose from waking up to the alarm sound or your favourite radio station, coming out as a lovely warm tones from the wood acoustics, and snooze for five minutes more if you want to.

Beep-beep, beep-beep. A vintage-inspired classic-looking Retro Red alarm clock in retro red. It's got old-school glow-in-the-dark hands, so you can see the time when it's dark. The alarm is a classic digital beep-beep type sound, press the button on the top to make it stop.


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