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Ahoy, landlubbers!

Ahoy, landlubbers!

This is SeaweedOkay okay, so you're all sick of hearing about whatever new fad or proclaimed superfood is hitting the headlines. But this one is an oldie, and a goodie. To what do I refer? Seaweed, that's what. Seaweed is pretty amazing stuff and boasts a shed load of benefits to our bodies and minds. It detoxes and does wonders for the skin - my sister lives in Sligo, and whenever I visit, I always go for a seaweed bath at Voya Seaweed Baths. To say that I feel good afterwards is a serious understatement. It improves our digestive health, being full of fibre and low-gi. It is known as a hormone regulator and has been used in Ireland as a tonic for centuries. Ever had a Carrageen moss hot drink when you have a bad cough? It's slimy, I'll give you that, but it also really works if you can suffer through its gloopiness. 
Kelp Seaweed
 Anyway, no need to suffer at all with This is Seaweed's handy little tins of dried seaweed flakes. Created by Paul O'Connor, a marine biologist and self proclaimed seaweed enthusiast, they are a clever and simple way of boosting the nutritional content of your repast, not to mention of securing that ever-intriguing umami flavour. You can even snack on them straight from the tin. Having a crisp sandwich for lunch? A gentle sprinkling atop your Tayto and bob's your uncle, almost a totally well balanced meal. We have the Kelp, Alaria and Dulse in stock at the moment - they vary in strength of flavour, but are all beautifully sea-salty with smoky, nutty undertones and are great in veggie stews, stirfries, miso and soups. 
I'm all for a quick fix and these little tins are a veritable powder keg of nutrition, just waiting to explode into your life! 
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