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opening hours mon - sat 10 - 6pm, sun 12 - 5.30pm. closed 2nd & 3rd june
68 south great george's street, dublin 2 (+353) 1 475 8534
we are back processing orders!

we are back processing orders!

It’s Meet the Maker Monday!
Say hi to the wonderful Jennifer of Millbee Studio

My name is Jennifer and my business is called Millbee Studio. I make Beeswax Food Wraps which are a reusable and natural alternative to clingfilm. My products are inspired by natural, sustainable living.

I am a mother with two young kids and I wanted to create something meaningful and to consider the impact this has on our kid's future. I am also an interior designer and a beekeeper and I love nature. All of these factors lead to me creating a product combining beeswax with beautiful botanical prints and natural sustainable packaging.



Bees 🐝 are kinda amazing, right? I got so obsessed with these furry fellas. Turns out most of the Irish population of bees are solitary bees, not their well known friends the bumble bees. Who knew? (Ok, you clever folk prob did). The thing I didn’t realise was just how easy it was for us to help with little creatures. A bit of water here and there, native plants, long grass, letting dandelions flourish, and having a few of these bee hotels. The solitary bee camps up in here, lays their egg and then passes away, leaving the baby larva to grow over winter in a safe place, ready to emerge the following spring. Right now these little new bees will be bringing their first buzz to our gardens and parks so be kind to them. They deserve it



BACK IN STOCK! They are back; the full range of Crop Candles! Gorse, grass, rain, rhubarb, earth and gin! Yum.



This @twisteddoodles card is seeming all the more appropriate these days #crazyworld



Wow! You people, thank you for your support! We have been working super hard to get all your orders out. Things are still a *bit* slower than we would like so do bare with us. Your support means the world to us. This is our chance to shape what our cities and towns look like in the future and it is so nice to see so many of you supporting local, independent businesses. This bundle of goodies are now off to homes across the country and Tom is off to pack some more! Thanks for the support and all the kind messages, the shop is pretty quiet without you all, but sure we will see ya all in the flesh pretty soon.



Looking for boredom busters for the whole family? We love these build your own spaceships - they have been illustrated by a gang of artists and they even come with 2 blank spaceships and an alien for you to decorate yourself. And no scissors or glue is needed, phew. It’s a craft activity and a toy all in one - hours of entertainment. Space Pirates is a board game with a difference. It is designed to be played in two different ways, depending on the ages of its participants, so it grows with you. Perfect for 2-4 player it is a game of strategy and chance that is beautiful to look at and a wonderful alternative to plastic toys. Then there is the oogi, a sucker-y stretchy toy to keep little hands occupied when you need 10 mins peace and quiet.



I am really in love with these grizzlies. Lovingly made by Sam agus Nessa they have lovely little finishing touches, like the nose and eyes are hand drawn on each protective packing strip 🤎



There sure are a lot of gobshites and geebags. Delighted to have gotten a new order of these charming mugs by back in stock. And don’t they look lovely?!



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