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BBQ Bits

BBQ Bits

Not to jinx it or anything, but the weather's been pretty good recently. You might say it's almost been good enough to dust off the BBQ that's sitting in your shed... The traditional Irish BBQ is a speedy one, an in-and-out job between the ever-present showers, and anything to make that process easier is always a bonus. 

BBQ Bamboo Fish Grill
Barbecued fish is amazing, smokey and kind of crumbly, which is delicious, but tricky to cook on a barbecue grill. This Fish Grill from Sagaform is an amazing contraption that holds your fish in place (and means you don't have to construct supports out of tin foil)

Annie recommends cooking sea bass with some lemon and herbs and serving with a hollandaise sauce. It takes minutes to cook, looks really impressive, and tastes delicious! A side of asparagus and you'll have your guests wowing.

BBQ Vegetable Hook

Grilled asparagus is one of my favourites – and it goes perfectly with fish – but it can be kind of tricky to balance it over the grill without it rolling away and falling into the coals. Our vegetable hooks clamp your veggies together to eliminate any nonsense, season, clip, and you're good to go. Also excellent for halloumi or any other precious foods you don't want to lose to your charcoals

Oval Oak Salad Bowl & Servers

You can't reeeally have a BBQ without a good selection of salads. Whether you go for potato, cous cous, Waldorf, or fruit, it will look amazing in this beautiful oval oak salad bowl. The oak base is detachable to help protect the glass and the table from being scratched.














We have some other amazing BBQ accompaniments and gadgets hereGet cooking and enjoy that sunshine while it's here!
Here's what Annie served up last week...
Barbecue Fish GrillBBQ Veg hooks



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