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Bullet Journal Show & Tell

Bullet Journal Show & Tell

I had never heard of Bu-Jo-ing or Bullet Journalling before this month! My only "organising" involved scribbling down on a piece of crumpled paper a vague layout of the month or relying on Facebook event alerts to remind me of things to attend. I think there's a lot to be said for slowing down. Women in particular seem interested in Bullet Journalling, which is essentially the activity of planning your life and/or interests through writing and drawing them out in a journal. I may be reading too deeply into this but I reckon on some level this craze is a reaction to a lack of control in this world which has been spiralling into danger in recent times! Last night saw the second Bullet Journalling get-together take place right here in-store. Several ladies arrived and introduced themselves and were kind enough to share their reasons for attending. We were soon getting to know each other. As many participants mentioned, Bullet Journalling helps to slow them down, breathe, be grateful, honour their achievements and plan their futures in a clear way while focusing on their goals. Some showed us their journals and explained their methodology of how they like to plan out their timetables, to-do lists and priorities. Physically writing as opposed to typing has been proven to be more effective in terms of remembering things better. Bullet Journalling is up there with cooking as part of the new approach to slow-living activities. Literally seeing your interests written out (often beautifully - have a look on Instagram or YouTube for inspiration/envy) in front of you can be very affirming and focuses the mind. It is a lovely throwback to more simpler times and gives us a break from our phones. Appointments kept in smart phones can be difficult to see as a whole trajectory while Bullet Journalling makes things much clearer. By the end of the hour or so there was a lovely warm atmosphere in the shop and we finished up with a glass of bubbly so that everyone could mingle and make new friends. There will no doubt be more of these evenings so if you are interested in attending, drop us a line to We'd love to see you!


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