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Clever lighting and super socks

Clever lighting and super socks

It is Meet the Maker Monday! Here are a treat for the feet; The Irish Socksciety 🧦👣🧦👣🧦 👣🧦
Irish Socksciety loves all that is quirky and humorous of contemporary Ireland.
We feel that feet have lots to say, and to help them talk, we design colourful and funny socks here in Galway, on the west coast of Ireland, in the middle of the beautiful Wild Atlantic Way.

We are Alex and Joanna. We are best friends who dance, laugh and work together – in any order really, as it usually happens all at once.
We are the kind of people who usually wear baggy, black or grey clothes but socks, socks are very special to us.
We choose them very carefully, sometimes odd socks, sometimes patterned or themed and always lots of colour. That’s why designing socks is what we are passionate about.
Our socks brighten up any occasion from boring business meeting to a wonderful wedding, lunch with family or party with mates.
We care about the environment so you can recycle our labels and most of packaging.
We proudly support Irish services so you will be happy to know that your pair of socks will land at your door thanks to our AnPost heroes.


We truly love our socks and are proud of their quality.
We also obsess about detail, we could tell you about how the machines we use accept only 100% combed cotton, certified Oeko-tex, and waffle on describing all the fancy 168 needle machine construction works precisely to create every sock uniquely strong and very soft, but you would have stopped reading by now.
Put it this way, remember the first time you got brand new clothes, like not hand me downs, that’s what these socks feel like.
Irish Socksiety’s are reinforced from heel to toe so that you can wear them with wellies or vintage brogues. Our socks won’t slide down your foot come hell or high water! If it’s feet you have these are the socks you’re after.’ #treatforthefeet 



Sometimes all you need is lemonade. Whose Granny warmed up flat 7up as a kid?! Maybe the best cure-all ever?



Okay, they do like a **bit** like a fancy sex toy, and they certianly will get you all steamy. These are The Steamery's at home steamers. Why are they the best thing since sliced bread? . Well, they are designed to take care of your clothes in ways a washing machine can’t. As they say on their website: 'Garments that lose color or shape are most often not worn out - they are washed out... Our mission is to inspire everyone to take better care of their clothes.' . Once you learn the (pretty straight forward) knack of steaming you can, in seconds, add life to clothing that is a bit crumpled, a bit sad and a bit worn. The hot steam from a steamer lifts and swells the fabric so they regain their natural shape. Think of it a bit like airing clothes; unpleasant smells disappear, and bacteria die - only it takes seconds rather than hours. AND, you can steam all kinds of fabrics and materials (except leather and suede), meaning you can actually steam garments that doesn’t normally allow ironing. . They cut the need to wash and to iron dramatically, and they are neat and compact so no need for bulky ironing boards (yeahy). We love their special steam water as well. this is not just your average steam water, but triple distilled water that is guaranteed not to cause any clogging or nasty stuff build up inside your steamer. Lovely. . Our 2 cent? We wouldn’t be without ours! They take a little getting used to, so the good folk at The Steamry have put together some guides and there are also lots of useful videos on youTube. And sure, now is actually a great time to get the heads around how to use one, seen as the work clothes aren't needed for a little while and we have a little extra time on our hands. . (**defo not a sex toy)



Today is World Stationary Day! 🎉📘🖍📗🖌📕🎉 . Its aim is to remind us of the joys of getting away from the computer and back to some good old fashioned handwriting. So whether you’re looking to write a hand written note, starting a bullet journal or just finding ways to get organised, now seems as good a day as any to get started. . We love these card making kits for those wishing to add that extra special personal touch to their correspondence. For those who write, scribble or are compulsive list makers the Irish made Badly Made Books are beautiful to work with, soft covers, thick pages - they are wonderful quality. And of course, our bestsellers the Leuctthurm notebooks. Hardback in a rainbow of colours, there is something for everyone here. If you like to have a digital archive their Whitelines notebooks are for you with easy scannable paper. All of their books are bleed proof, acid free, high quality and stitched, designed to last the course. Lovely job.



BACK IN STOCK: These Poolbeg tea towels by the super talents are a strong favourite at the shop. And hands up who seems to be washing s@*#$ loads more dishes these days? 🤚🤚🤚It’s probably all the cake making/eating going on in our house. We love the brilliant blue in these prints. Actually, they are so lovely it is hard to use them. We love how they look framed in this post by




Okay, slightly cheesy video but we do miss the excited-ness in people’s faces when they would come into the shop and first see this light. . Tap it to turn it on and off, tap it to brighten or dim, easy. It’s highest setting has a super strong light making it great of up close and detail work, while it’s lowest gives a gentle evening glow for reading in bed. It’s clever base means you can direct the light in a variety of directions, making it really versatile. And because it is plug free you can use it anywhere you want, just charge it and go. This is one of those supremely clever gadgets you don’t know how you lived without. What a way to pimp up your home office!



It was nice to see such a measured and considered plan last night for the gradual reopening of Ireland. We are working hard putting plans in place so that we can too, find safe and considered ways to gradually reopen the shop to all you lovely folk. Cant wait to see you all in the not too distant future. In the meantime you can still order online xxx



His n’ her nudie toothbrushes. Is there really any better anniversary present? Well maybe a mug to slag them off with.



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