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Come Here To Me: Volume 2

Come Here To Me: Volume 2

Come Here To Me Volume 2 has arrived! The second edition of Dublin's Unexplored Histories was launched October 5th in Cleary's pub on Amiens Street. 

This fascinating trawl through Dublin's history, stories and oddities uncovers truly interesting characters and reveals little-known underground activities native only to this city. I learned so many facts about Dublin that I hadn't known including that "Rathminesians" (of my suburb of Rathmines) had their own accent at one stage. Books such as this one are vital for pausing some moments in time and taking a closer look at them, especially considering how quickly things happen around here, architecturally, politically and socially. The retrospective aspect combined with bang up-to-date current facts gives a lovely contrast that helps us see where our city has been, where it may be headed, how and why. If you have any interest whatsoever in Irish history or the evolution of cities and in particular, Dublin, this will make for an excellent read and a perfect Christmas gift.

Fun facts include discovering that Grafton Street was the original hub of prostitution before the Monto area. Some stories to learn more about include suffragettes being sentenced to hard labour for suspected arson, a whole street of Dublin housing several Boxing champions, the goings-on in the early houses, the LGBT history, along with the original Drag queen of Dublin (before our National Treasure Panti!), ladies not being served in pubs and the horrible advent of Starbucks on every corner. 

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