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Cool recipes for your Thermo Pot

Cool recipes for your Thermo Pot

I usually make an effort to try and bring my lunch to work with me most days (or mostly when I remember and am organised enough) and although January is well underway, lovely healthy salads just still aren't as appealing when it's all gross and raining outside and you're tired and chilly.

Enter, Thermo Pot. *choral music plays*

(just to clarify, I added the smiley face)

Thermo Pot is a lunch pot inspired by antique thermoses that used cork stoppers to keep heat in more effectively. The Thermo Pot is made from stainless steel with a vacuum wall that keeps your food hot for 6 hours. (!!) Perfect says you. 

But a super clever toasty thermos lunch pot is no good without some delicious toasty food to put in it. Sooo, here are some handy recipes you can make to spice up your life (and your lunch break)

Happy Pear 5 Minute Dahl 

Dahl is my go-to curry, this one is a really easy recipe with chick peas and loads of coriander, delish!

Butternut Squash Soup

Lovely warm, comforting soup. Butternut squash, dead seasonal, it's an easy recipe and it has added chilli and crème fraîche for extra notions.







Irish Stew

Such a classic, stew is kind of the height of comfort food. This serves six people too so you can pop it in the freezer for short notice stew-related emergencies.








Veggie Chilli 
Delicious vegetable chilli with sweet potatoes and peppers! I usually add mushrooms to mine (& I don't know why you wouldn't) but it's still good without.













Aubergine & Goat's Cheese Pasta

Reeeeeeally easy, reeeeeeally good. The goat's cheese goes amazingly with the slight sweetness from the aubergine and it's just all delicious and warming. 


 So basically, get yo'self a Thermo Pot (available here) and get cookin'! 









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