Bits 'n' bobs for Bullet Journals

We have a bullet journalling workshop* coming up on the 31st of may and we're pretty excited about it! So, in order to up our Bujo-ing game, we got lots of lovely new bits and bobs to make them more interesting and fun (this is for you stationery nerds)

Iconic 2way Pen Deco Set

Get your colour coordinating on with this set of double ended markers. Comes in a pack of 5 colours with two different thicknesses of nibs. They have a smooth precise tip – great for habit trackers or page decoration too!

Midori Index Labels

Indexing is the essence of bullet journalling, these index labels come in 3 different styles - all adorable and they're sure to brighten up the edge of your notebook.

Hightide Book Band With Pen Holders

Hold your notebook closed and carry pens at the same time, what more could you ask for really?

Iconic Sticky-It Dots

Sticky notes are a great addition to any bujo, great for reminders, notes, and lists, and they're movable! What's great about these particular sticky notes is that they're on transparent paper so they're perfect for underlining and highlighting

Hightide Clip Ruler

This little ruler is really light and slimline so you can clip it into your notebook and take it anywhere, it totally rules...

 *The workshop is on the 31st at 7pm in store (68 South Great George's Street, Dublin 2) and it's guaranteed to be loads of fun. Spaces are limited so please email us on to book your place.

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