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Do you respect wood?

Do you respect wood?

As Larry David would ask 'Do you respect wood?!'. We absolutely do respect wood, and we particularly love locally sourced Irish hard wood. These naturally finished products by Sam agus Nessa show off the beautiful grain of the various woods they are made from. Handmade in Kildare by this extremely hard working and lovely couple, the products exude Irishness, homeliness and comfort. 

Teach Candle Holders
The Teach candle holder's clean design manifests the meaning of the title; Teach meaning 'house' in Irish (pronounced 'chack'). The smooth facade creates a canvas for the wood's grain, the mesmerising patterns of which can leave you in a day dream, thinking of home perhaps.

Grizzly Bear Clock
Working with the wood's natural beauty, each piece of Sam agus Nessa's is completely unique, with the material reflecting attributes of the products, Like the Grizzly Bear Clock and the Wally Chopping Board, pieces of wood are selected that will lend themselves to the form of the bear or the whale.
Tweet Tweet Door WedgeTweet Tweet Door Wedge
Likewise, each Tweet Tweet door wedge is created from a specially selected piece of wood, such as spalted beach or ash. The natural beauty and practical functionality of these products make them perfect gifts that will be treasured for a long time. As the old Irish proverb goes 'Maireann an chraobh ar an bhfál ach ní mhaireann an lámh do chuir'. (I'm not even goig to attempt the phonetics on that one!). It basically means 'The branch lives on the hedge but the hand that planted it is dead now'. A little morbid perhaps, but a nice reminder that the things we create in the world may still be around long after we are, so creating natural, beautiful and useful products is worthy work. Fair play Sam agus Nessa, we respect your use of wood! 
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