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Dreamfarm: Growing ideas into inventions

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Dreamfarm products
Dreamfarm is a Brisbane based product design company that makes some of the niftiest products around. Founded in 2003 by the then 22 year old Alexander Gransbury, Dreamfarm quickly became known as a problem-solving company that grows ideas into inventions. Our regular visitors to our shop will definitely recognise the name as we stock a number of their excellent products in the shop, each one aiming to solve a problem and be as useful as possible in the process.  
The Dreamfarm gang excel at naming the products with the Chopula being one of my favourites. This guy is a beast around frying pans where you can chop, scoop, flip and serve, all with this one cool tool. I don't know how, but it makes the creamiest scrambled eggs I've ever made!

 Another super popular product is the Oni knife, as it's the "Oni" knife you'll need again - geddit? This knife slices on one side and spreads on the other, it's also got a blade in the handle for cutting sandwich wrap. It comes in four dishwasher proof colours with my favourite being black as it makes me feel like a sandwich ninja.


Jot is one of the smallest Dreamfarm products, but what it lacks in size it makes up in usefulness as you can keep your keys, charger, pen in the exact place you want them.

Jot Toothbrush holderThey come as a pack of two in loads of different colours, and they also look the chopped off top of a Space Hopper (remember them?) which is a major plus. Our favourite use for them is holding our toothbrushes in the bathroom, they look cool and it means you don't have a pot/holder to clean out.

All of these products and more are available in our shop on South Great George's Street, Dublin 2. Pop in some time for a browse!

We'll leave you with a video of our absolute favourite Dreamfarm product, the Mini Supoon....it's just so satisfying to scrape the end of your jam or Nutella jar with this awesome little tool!

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