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Father's Day Cards

Father's Day Cards

We do love greeting cards here at Designist, and we have great craic coming up with new designs for every occasion. Father's day is coming up next month (June 18th) and we have a brilliant range of new cards in for the dads! See the full range here.
These are my favourite 10:

1) Socks and sandals phase - Designist

Personally I think this is a look... As do lots of dads... I think I'm in good company 

2) I eat all my vegetables now - Roberta Murray 

Look, I made this one so obviously it's my favourite. Plus, we all remember those screaming matches over broccoli. 

3) Oh Dada - Designist

You can't beat a good art joke

4) A daughter as amazing as me - Hyperpictures

Holly Pirera of Hyperpictures summed up how I feel about Father's day perfectly

5) You've been like a father to me - Designist 

I just think this one is gas

6) Just got you a few bits! - Eoin Whelehan

Actually the perfect Father's day pun. Our dads love a good pun. 

7) World's best dad meets world's best dad 

A hilarious card by the talented Rob Stears 

8) You could've been worse - Designist


 Dads like jokes, dads like Star Wars. Done deal. 

9) Ta Da - Designist

To the point. 

10)  Thanks for raisin' me - Roberta Murray

Cute AND funny. (also designed by me)
We have lots more funny, punny, amazing cards and great gifts for your pops available here 

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