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Gifts Galore

Gifts Galore

Tick tick - need a clock? The grizzly bear clock from Sam agus Nessa in Kildare looks great in any space. Made from local irish wood like oak and beech, each one is completely unique. This makes a really beautiful housewarming gift.



Speaker on your phone just not cutting it? We've got options and they are all very lovely and pack plenty of punch. The Mino comes in lots of gorgeous metallic colours and are about the size of a coffee pod. Not only great for getting the party started (you can pair them with other Minos to boost as required), the Mino can also be used as a microphone to take phone calls and works as a selfie remote so you can take amazing photographs from any angle. The Tumbler in cherrywood not only gives you great sound, it has a hands-free selfie function and a built-in rechargeable battery that will give you ten hours of life. Best of all, it literally fits in the palm of your hand!



Get in out of that rain and let us show you some cool stuff!



You think you'll never forget what happened when with your little ones but it happens. The mugshot height chart comes with a double-sided paper poster (feet/inches & meters/cm) and set of 10 number cards so you can track the growth of your child. It's also brilliant for comparing who is taller, if you've got more than one. And of course, if all this seems like a distant planet to you, keep it in mind when gifting mates with kids.



Consistently one of our best selling cards.



Keep the lighting soft with these gorgeous teach candle holders from Sam agus Nessa. Each one is unique and handmade in their studio in Co. Kildare from native Irish wood like spalted beech, then finished using local beeswax. Keenly priced they make a great alternative to a bottle of wine if you're going somewhere for dinner.



We're looking to add a part-time design and science peddler to our small but perfectly formed team; working between designist and the shop at the science gallery. This is a part-time position for humans with an obsessive interest in design, ideas, materials & deadly stuff. Our ideal candidate has a passion for great customer service and attention to detail. Experience in retail is a bonus but a winning personality and the ability to tell a great story are essential. As this is retail, the position will require weekend work and additional hours in October, November and December. Please pop us an email to with your cv and the answers to these three questions: Q1: who is your fave creator/inventor/designer? Q2: what are you most passionate about? Q3: what is your availability? Closing date for applications is March 6th 2020 at 6pm.



Good morning Dublin, you're looking well. After all that wind and rain I think everyone's dying to get out and about today.



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