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Good Night Sappho

Good Night Sappho

Finally, the sequel to Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls by Francesca Cavallo and Elena Favilli is here, and I love it! One hundred more stories about (and for) famous girls and famous women with revolutionary minds and heroic actions.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls
Each spread in the book gives us a short tale on one page and a beautiful portrait illustrated opposite. The illustrations are by 50 different (female) artists from all over the world. There are stories about people like J. K Rowling, Beyonce, Georgia O'Keeffe and many more.

The interesting thing for me is to get to know the less known rebels from history, like the poet Sappho from the island Lesbos (Greece) who lived 600 years BC. She was a teacher in art and religion for girls. She also wrote poems about the intense emotional bond between the girls in school before they got married and lost these relationships. They sang her powerful poems in school and published them to celebrated these friendships to remind older married women about this time they enjoyed in their youth.

Here's one of my favourite Sappho's poems since discovering her in Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 2. 

"I declare 
 that later on,
 even in an age unlike our own,
 someone will remember who we are."
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