Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

“Dream bigger,
Aim Higher,
Fight harder,
And, when in doubt, remember,
You are right”

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo is the alternative collection of bed time stories that swaps princesses for women who changed the world, from Frida Kahlo to Florence Nightingale, Serena Williams to Rosa Parks.

Written in response to gender-stereotyping in children's media, GNSFRG tells tales of women scientists, activists, dancers, inventors, sports people and writers from all over the globe. The stories aren't sugar-coated either, the emphasis is on overcoming obstacles and fighting hard to achieve your goals. 

Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani activist who is well known for human rights advocacy especially education for women. When the Taliban began closing girls' schools in her area, Malala took a stand against them, risking everything - including her own life - for what she believed was right. She has since founded a non-profit, written a book and become the youngest person to ever receive the Nobel Peace Prize. 

This beautiful publication showcases the work of 60 female illustrators, whose portraits accompany each profile. There's even a page at the back with room for your own story and portrait! 

GNSFRG, which is written in a fairy-tale, 'once upon a time' style - “There was a time when only boys could be whatever they wanted” is Hillary Clinton's opener, - features the stories of 100 amazing women, making it perfect night time reading for both boys and girls.

“It is not enough that we build products that function, that are understandable and usable, we also need to build products that bring joy and excitement, pleasure and fun, and, yes, beauty to people’s lives.”

Don Norman