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Herbs to grow in your Okidome suction planter

Herbs to grow in your Okidome suction planter


If you haven't heard of Okidome, it's the first plant pot to use the Oki-Lock Suction System, an ingenious patented system that allows for easy and secure attachment to windows, smooth tiles even fridges. We've never seen a suction pad like it! It attaches to the window with a screw device that sucks the air out of the pad and keeps it secure to the surface. It can hold up to 5 kilos in weight!

The Okidome allows you to grow plants wherever they will get the best light in your gaff, which is just brilliant for herbs in the kitchen. Here's the herbs that work best for us:

Okidome Basil plantOf course basil, an absolute staple in any kitchen. It's easy to grow and it thrives in the sun, so make sure you place your planter in a sunny window.

Okidome mintA fresh, summery herb that's great for salads, iced tea and mojitos. It's a hardy herb and will do well in sunshine or partial shade.

Parsley is extremely adaptable and grows well in both full sun and shade. It prefers moist soil and is easy to grow.

Okidome Chives
A great starter herb for those new to gardening, chives are very easy to grow and extremely low maintenance thriving in most light conditions. They grow well in pots indoors and require little space so can yield a good harvest.

Okidome Chervil
This pretty looking herb prefers a cool and shady area and it grows quickly so is an ideal herb to grow indoors. Common in classic French cooking it has pretty lacy leaves and a delicate aniseed taste.

And Okidome is not just for herbs, you can use any indoor plants to add a bit of greenery to most smooth surfaces in your home..  



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