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Shake n Make Ice Cream Maker

Shake n Make Ice Cream Maker

Don't fancy going to the gym this weekend but still want your ice cream fix? (Me too) Well, look no further, we have the very thing! 

The Shake and Make ice cream maker is one of our newest products and if we're being totally honest here we were slightly dubious of it when it came in. Fresh ice cream in 3 minutes? Without putting it in the freezer?! I don't think so. 

So, obviously, we had to give it a go right away! The ice cream maker is made up of two compartments. In the bottom section, you put ice and salt (salt lowers the temperature of ice, see, learning too!) and then in the second section you mix a small amount of milk, cream or yoghurt, a spoon of sugar and whatever flavourings you fancy, pop the lid back on and you're good to go. 

After that, you just shake. And I mean really shake. Like, your life depends on it, shake! (well like your life depends on it for three minutes, shake)

(dramatic reconstruction of you shaking for your life)

And it actually works! Shaking the maker churns the ice cream and leaves you with about a bowls-worth of fresh, delicious ice cream! It's the perfect amount for one serving and we reckon, all the shaking completely eradicates all the calories in the ice cream! (If you don't think about it too hard.)


Here's a little picture of some ice cream we made in store the other day

Our ice cream maker and our other newest products are all available here

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