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joyful january

joyful january

Cold January nights are perfect for whittling down the stack of books by the bed. Loving this one. It's a brilliant and hugely thoughtful parenting book by renowned psychotherapist Philippa Perry. It's not about stuff like weaning and potty training. Perry is interested in what makes us the parents we become (or are already). She insists we all make mistakes and that there's always a way to make our relationships with our kids better - both for us and them. As Alain de Botton says on the cover, it's "hugely warm, wise, hopeful and encouraging". So, pretty much what every parent needs.



A great card is one of the best ways to celebrate great news and we've got a fine selection.



You know when you're trying a new recipe and the pages keep turning just when you reach the crucial stages? These rubber band book markers in yellow and pink from Kikkerland are the answer. Just €2.50 for a pack of 2, they'll hold pages in place when you're trying out new recipes or simply reading in bed. They'll work on sizes from A6 to A4 and can also be used to mark pages. How's that for booksmart?



We all know it's no good for us. Fast fashion creates more pollution than the oil industry. Yes, really. With Lauren Bravo's excellent new book, you'll really begin to understand the ramifications of fast fashion and the very high price we're paying for cheap clothes. Plus, she's great on how to find more sustainable ways to shop. Here in Dublin we've got Sustainable Fashion Dublin flying the flag with their talks and deadly events so be sure to follow them too.



Featured on the Late, Late Toy Show, these flew out the door before Christmas and since then we've had the most brilliant feedback. Even big kids loved making these origami creatures that move and come to life. Beautifully illustrated, eco-friendly and completely sustainable, this children's gift is at the perfect price point (€12.50) for anyone looking to avoid plastic when buying gifts for all the birthday parties kids go to (if only our social lives were as good!). You really can't go wrong.



It's that time of year when getting ready to have a shower then finding out there's no hot water is just too much to take. You need to have the hot water on tap, don't you? But wait, did you turn off the immersion? With these socks you won't forget. Irish Socksiety's 'Did you turn off the immersion?' socks will not only keep those ESB bills in check, they're snazzy too! Sure what else do you need from a pair of socks?



Always a winner, Nessa Finnegan's Fear Mna totes are a classic at this stage. They come in yellow, pink and blue.



Celebrate the end of Dry January in style with this pirate corkscrew ☠️



Hi everyone, it's a nippy one to be sure but it's also bright and lively round town. Pop in and take the chill off, we've got so many great gifts - plus our Valentine's stuff is starting to land.


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