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Kiki Moon - Designer profile

Kiki Moon - Designer profile

Keelin O'KeefeKeelin O'Keeffe is the woman behind Kiki Moon, an Irish company designing and producing beautiful baby blankets that you'll want to curl up in! 

Kiki Moon began 4 years ago, just after the birth of Keelin's first child. She spent a long time searching for the perfect blanket, something soft and durable, cosy but vibrant.

Nothing really met the mark, so Keelin started designing her own blankets, with bright, rich, colour palettes that were special and unique.

When Keelin found a family-run textiles company in Portugal to make her blankets she was over the (Kiki) moon (sorry) and they officially launched three years ago – just in time for the birth of her second child.

Keelin sees a blanket as something more than just a gift, she see's it as something to cherish, that your baby will have forever. You can see this passion and care in her products, which is what makes Kiki Moon so special.

Kiki Moon blankets are 100% organic cotton and their unisex colours make them the perfect gift for expecting mothers. They come in a beautiful gift box that will make opening your present all the more special.

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