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Last week at designist

Last week at designist

The days are seriously flying by and we can't quite believe it's November already! Here's what we got up to in the last week of October at designist.


We've been in awe of the special anniversary edition of David Attenborough's Life on Earth book. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the book's first publication, David Attenborough has revisited it, adding to the original text and updating it with modern scientific discoveries from the last 40 years. The book is also updated with stunning, completely new photography, illustrating this new edition in a way that wouldn't have been possible back then. This beautiful new edition makes a great gift, it will fascinate those who saw it when first published, and bring it alive for a whole new generation of nature lovers.


Our resident closet skeleton got out for Halloween and indulged in his favourite activity, stuffing his skull full of popcorn while trying to scare customers. (He didn't, he's actually a pretty nice guy). He was only delighted with our new Popper Popcorn Maker.


The new Waterford Whispers News 2018 edition book arrived, and as you'd expect, it's a hilarious read from cover to cover. Some of our favourite stories from this year are 'Headless Chicken Put In Charge Of Government's Homeless Strategy", "Boris Johnson Rushed to Hospital with Suspected Head Up Arse" and "Guns To Phase Out Americans By 2050"!!



In a much more serious vein, we also got Mary Robinson's Climate Justice book. She's some woman for one woman in fairness to her. Or, in the words of Barack Obama "Mary Robinson has illuminated a better future for our world". In this her second book, the former president of Ireland addresses Climate Justice, one of the most pressing humanitarian issues of our time. Robinson has spent the last 10 years meeting the people most affected by climate change, who funnily enough are from communities that are the least responsible for the pollution warming our planet. It's a powerful and deeply humane tale, with a focus on hope, resilience, and the fight for a sustainable future.



We got this cool new Whiskey Tea towel filled with facts about whiskey, detailing its production, ingredients and more. And it can be paired with lots of our other neat gift ideas for the whiskey lover, like this set of two rocking whiskey glasses with a pair of drink stones to chill your uisce beatha without watering it down. 



If tea's more your thing, we've also got beautiful gift ideas for the tea lover. These fine ceramic mugs are based on the design of vintage enamel tableware with a white interior and painted rim. Except these ones will keep your cuppa nice and warm. The Tea Towel is beautifully printed with a fascinating array of facts about where tea comes from, how it's made, who drinks it and the health benefits that come from it.



And we didn't forget about wine lovers! Do you know your Salmanazar from your Balthazar? Or your tannins from your terroir? Now you can brush up on the science of wine with this deadly wine-themed tea towel. Pair it with a Soiree aerator or a Bottle Light, to make an awesome gift for any wine lovers

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