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Last week at designist

Last week at designist

It's been a busy week behind the scenes at designist as we've been getting your favourite products back in stock, starting with the Stojo carry cups.

Reusable AND collapsible, the Stojo cup was designed by coffee lovers and it's a convenient alternative to bulky travel mugs.



Have you been feeling the cold since last week? We've kept our smackers from chapping with the beautiful natural lip balms from Dublin Herbalists. They're made with beeswax and shea butter and come in four lovely natural flavours.



It took us a while to remember all the rules, but we had great craic playing Switch with our Foragers playing cards! A fantastic multi-purpose deck of cards, you can play top trumps, regular card games, and learn about 52 different forageable favourites. There's a range of mushrooms and fungi, nuts and seeds, berries and fruit as well as plants and herbs. Each card has a lovely illustration, a detailed description of the conditions it's found in as well as information on the smell, taste and size.



We got a brand new all black 'stealth' version of our Hajo backpack! It's a robust and waterproof backpack that's perfect for city cyclists, travelling or everyday use.




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