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Lighting up your day

Lighting up your day

For anyone who is a regular to designist you will probably be familiar with the smart booklights, firm favourites here. We love to see peoples reactions when they open one for the first time - they never fail to wow 

Made by the lovely husband and wife team, Paul and Natalie, Gingko Design create lights that are always so more than 'just' a light. This British based company have won all sorts of awards for their designs over the years, from gift of the year, to a global innovation award to a favourite digital trend award. On their website they say that they; 'thrive on seeking and creating the extraordinary', and we would say that this is something they absolutely achieve.

Take the booklights for example. Just like their name, they are flat and book shaped. once opened however the accordion style paper creates a striking light display.

And seen as you folk loved these so much, we thought we ought to try out some of their other products. group of gingko smart lights

So say hello to:

the smart vase - I know, your thinking, water and light, surely they don't mix? but you'd be wrong! This smart vase light brings the two together into one stylish and elegant design, allowing you to display single buds. We love its space saving design, which can be light, vase or both just like that. And like the booklights, it can fold away flat - neat!

The smart baton light is a torch and wall light in one. pop its wooden base where ever you need it - in a cupboard, on a wall, on the stairs - and then place the baton on the base. Held with magnetics it fixes firmly in place, but can be picked up and used as and when you need it - noice!

The smart diffuser combines a gentle soft diffused light and a diffuser for essential oils. Just drop three drops of your favourite oil onto the plate at the top, turn on, and relax. 

and finally, the smart moon light. There are not many words that can describe its amazingness. it literally floats above its base, revolving and emitting a gentle glow that lights up all the craters on its surface. This is the ultimate office toy/ sculpture/ object of curiosity.

if you are a fan of products that do really cool things, design that surprises and practical solutions, you probably cant go too wrong with any of these smart lighting designs by Paul and Natalie from Gingko, found here at designist.



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