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Meet the Makers: Cool Socks Makers extraordinare Irish Socksciety

Meet the Makers: Cool Socks Makers extraordinare Irish Socksciety

For years we were against the idea of stocking socks - but as often is the case we just hadn’t met the right company yet. From the second we discovered cool socks makers Irish Socksciety that changed. They Literally put the fun into Functionality. 

lots of fun socks on feet

Set up by two best friends - Alex and Joanna, everything this pair produces just tickles you. You can see the care and dedication on every level of their products. As you can see from the collection the designs are full of humour and enthusiasm but there are other aspects to their business that make us equally proud to stock them. They are incredibly particular about the design of their cool socks - and give equal weight to the functional aspects of their socks as they do to the illustrations. 

the full irish socks on some  playful upside down feet

Sock makers Alex and Joanna are encyclopedic when it comes to the manufacturing detail. The socks are produced from Eco-tex certified cotton and are rigorously tested and reinforced in all the right places to maximise the wear you can get from them - no toes poking through the fronts or baggy elastics so you can always be proud to show them off. They are as comfortable to wear as they are good looking. 

feck it socks looking comfy on some feet

Sustainability is at the core of the brand. Aside from the materials used in the socks themselves they use recycled packaging and their factory runs on solar energy, and they are always refining their production to reduce their carbon footprint. So much so that they’ve made their company sustainability policy free to download from their website in the hopes that it will inspire other small businesses.  

lots of socks to try on

Using their company as a platform for others has been a central part of their ethos from day one. They have showcased other designers work on their artist editions socks, and used their platform to raise awareness (and money) for Cancer Ireland, Down Syndrome Ireland (the Sock 21) and The National Women's council (I’m perfect Socks). 

sock 21 socks looking fab

They’re the rare company who’s ideals shine through in all aspects of their business and as their business has grown they have doubled down on these ideals, rather than letting the always fraught realities of being a small business wear them down. They also seem to manage to do while thoroughly enjoying themselves - having the craic as they’d say themselves.

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