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Mammies of Designist - Laura

Mammies of Designist - Laura

Hi, I'm Laura. And I am a Mama (by the 4 year old) and a Mammy (to the 2 year old). They louder than life, chalk and cheese bundles of energy. Its been a year of whirlwinds; with so many pivots at times I've felt like a ballerina. Some scary, some exciting, never, ever boring. I spend most of my working week at the shop, though on my few days working from home, the kids are sure to make sure I am never alone.

Last year we didn't celebrate Mother's Day; it was quietly canceled along with so many other events and occasions. Like so many, we have been cut off from family and are missing them deeply. Skype and zoom have been a lifeline, making those many thousands of kilometres feel a little less far. It's funny how much we took for granted. A year later and things are beginning, slowly, to look brighter. It is getting a little lighter each day, preschools are back again (THANK YOU), Vaccines are ramping up and, in time, we hope to bring some real hugs to the grandparents. Until then, virtual ones will absolutely do.

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