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68 south great george's street, dublin 2 (+353) 1 475 8534
Marbushka | Fairtrade, Natural & Environmentally Friendly Toys from Hungary

Marbushka | Fairtrade, Natural & Environmentally Friendly Toys from Hungary

Once a small artisanal workshop in Hungary, Marbushka have grown into a company that does its own in-house production and design where they create beautifully illustrated, high quality games and toys. Marbushka is the brainchild of husband and wife team Beatrix Bohony and László Zöld, who both graduated from The University of Applied Arts Vienna with degrees in Visual Communications . Their son Bojana (probably the inspiration that got them in to game making) helps with game-play and rule-making.


The philosophy behind their designs is originality, honesty and playfulness. Their goal is to put a new twist on the meaning of children's games, and to create new and wonderful worlds which children and their parents can enjoy together. Marbushka was brought into being by this family's passion for games, and has been nurtured by it ever since. They make games that will remain treasures across many generations, not only due to their outward appearance, but their substance and spirit as well.


Besides creating lovely and durable games Marbushka strive for environmental awareness and sustainability during the production of their games and toys. Their creativity, way of thinking and entire business is friendly to the environment. Papers used in production are certified by the FSC and PEFC organizations, which guarantee that forests are being cut in accordance with the standards, replanted and responsibly maintained. The cardboards are made of 90% recycled paper.



Illustrated by Beatrix, the games have a beautiful style that draws you in to another world. Ladies Under The Towels is inspired by Beatrix's funny childhood story, the moral of which is: remember which towel your grandma is under, so you don't sit in someone else's lap! With the exception of printing and binding, the production of all Marbushka games are made by hand. Hand-made products have less impact on the environment.


And if you'd like to create your very own handmade board game, Marbushka have put together the perfect set! Every part of this kit is blank and ready to be made into whatever you want it to be, whether that’s a game of your favourite TV show, your own family or something entirely from your own imagination. You could even make a very unique personalised gift for a special occasion, like a marriage proposal or wedding present, with someone's favourite places, people or stories included in the game.


We're delighted to stock these beautiful games at designist, and we hope you have as much fun playing them as we did!

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