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Product Highlight: keeping humans of all ages a little less bored

Product Highlight: keeping humans of all ages a little less bored

Okay, it can be a bit tough at the moment. Everyone is stuck at home, missing face to face conversations with family members, friends, random strangers at the bus stop (god, I SO miss random chats with strangers!). I love that the internet is flooded with online classes from yoga to baby sensory, sourdough raising to hair cutting tutorials. It is great to see so many people reaching out to find ways to share, help and build things online. If you are managing to learn a new skill or pivot your job/business to adapt to this somewhat new world, then I applaud you mightily. Seriously well done. But if you haven't, then snap! Sometimes we just need to be kind to ourselves, distract ourselves with the little things. Have a P.J. day, or cake day. Or P.J. AND cake day. Me; I have made 5 million different cakes, pies and biscuits in these weeks (thank you Darina and Sarah).

To spare our waistlines we have put our heads together here at Designist and come up with some ideas and things that will relax and entertain and (hopefully) brighten up one of those grey-er days.

In an attempt to distract the kids I stocked up on colouring books, pencils and a host of drawing things. it works for them, but if I am really honest, I get the most out of it. Seriously, I forgot how soothing it is sitting down and colouring in just for the sake of it. It is creating just for the sake of creating. Lovely.


I had buckets of fun building this tiny Dublin - sure, we might not be able to hang out in town like we used to, but this teeny town is nearly second best!

If you're (un)lucky enough to have kids at home with you the challenge to keep hands and minds occupied can feel 10 times harder; I mean there is only so much Disney+ even they can take. The nice folk at Plan Toys have put together some colouring and activity pages together to help - click here to access them. We love Plan Toys, they are the soundest. We also have an ever increasing supply of craft-y making activities in supply; From pop out colour-in cardboard models, D.I.Y. board games, street chalk, there is something for everyone.

We love this card making kit. Okay, we might not be able to see our nearest and dearest, so lets show them we love them with an old school letter, card or note.

Bibabox kits are great as they are an art activity and toy all in one. Just press them out, colour in and play. They are surprisingly sturdy - we have some ponies in our house that are still being played with months and months later.

For those less interested in painting or drawing we have a range of puzzles and board games to develop the strategist in you (and sneak some stem learning in too). From learning about the solar system, developing engineering skills, there is a little of everything here.

For those searching for boredom busting board games, we love these. Not only are they beautifully illustrated, eco-friendly and plastic free, they are great fun to play. 

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