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New to designist: Birthday Party Subscriptions

New to designist: Birthday Party Subscriptions

Whenever your child gets invited to a classmate's birthday party there's a warm fuzzy sense of parental pride, but also a mild panic. Navigating the social nuances of primary school on their behalf is a subject worthy of a very lengthy PHD. Do you just RSVP by text or is there a separate Whatsapp group you're supposed to join? Do you leave your kids there, or stick around and help? Do a door drop, or pop in to make sure they’re settled? Do they need special equipment for the activities, or a fancy outfit for the photos? And perhaps most importantly,  what do you get as a gift? Something that looks thoughtful, educational, age appropriate, but not over the top.

birthday gift subscriptions with designist

There's lots of stuff we're just not qualified to help you with but we do have a clever solution, that will make sure you always have a suitable gift on hand. Once a month for the whole school year (9 months), we'll send you a perfect present for your age group (between 5-8 year olds) that is gender neutral, without trademarks, engaging, as environmentally sound as we can manage and most of all fun. 

pile of toys

We’ll also send you gift wrap, cards and the occasional bonus gift. So, whatever birthday party pops up, you'll have a clever, thoughtful gift ready to go. 

birthday parties


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