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Open Mon - Sat 12-6pm, Sun 12 - 5.30pm
68 south great george's street, dublin 2 (+353) 1 475 8534
Nice to meet you: Hi from Hazel

Nice to meet you: Hi from Hazel

I am usually the person you would talk to if you phone or email the shop, or order anything online.

My role has changed a lot over these last few weeks. I now spend most of my week working from home, answering any online enquiries and taking care of a lot of the behind the scenes bits and pieces necessary to make sure we will be ship shape and ready once we can open our doors again. 

I come into the shop to process orders each week. My commute hasn't changed too much, but walking in and out to work, did I notice a few more people smiling and saying hello as they pass (at a safe distance), which is really lovely. 

It definitely is quieter in the shop with the doors are closed - which I make up for by blaring out some of my slightly naffer tunes and dancing as each new order comes in. 

I spent the first two weeks slowly, if not somewhat comically, mastering the art of using parcel tape while wearing gloves (seriously, this is no mean feat). And I feel really good (if sometimes a bit emotional) about being able to help people connect with their nearest and dearest through the little gifts and notes etc, that we parcel up and their behalf. 



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