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Nothing More Lovely Than Spring

Nothing More Lovely Than Spring

Botanopia is a beautiful new system designed to get you growing. The propagation kit gives you everything you need to grow and cultivate a wide variety of plants and seeds. Everything from hazelnuts, acorns, muscari, snowdrops, lychees, cacti, mangoes, sweet potatoes, avocados, hyacinths, tulips and narcissus. The perfect gift for the botanist in your life.🌱🌿💚



Is your Valentine a Ginger?



Celebrating the end of dry January? Or maybe just the fact that the longest month ever is over and we're now heading for Spring? This award-winning wine accessory by Soiree Home will take it to the next level. The aerator delivers oxygen directly into your wine as you pour, which brings out the full flavour and aroma of your wine. The Soiree Home's in-bottle aerator has been designed by wine experts in Napa Valley California. The perfect gift for the wine lover in your life (even if that's you!).



Shopping for a Valentine's card? We've got a great selection.



And there's lots more inside...



It's bright and breezy! Pop in if you're around or hop online if you decide to stay in the vice grip of the sofa. 



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