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68 south great george's street, dublin 2 (+353) 1 475 8534
out and about - saying hello to all our lovely neighbours

out and about - saying hello to all our lovely neighbours

Well it sure is lovely seeing things begin to open up again in Dublin town. While we are getting Designist ready to reopen (hopefully next week, but keep an eye out on social media for further details), we thought we would have a gander about town to say hi to our neighbours old and new.

We are so happy to see George's Arcade opened back up - it hasnt been the same without them

a few shops down, we have a very welcome addition to the street; Toons Bridge Dairy. They have soooo many lovely tempting things in their window, it is well worth a visit. You won't be sorry. Other food fav.s include Blazing Salads and Cornicopia who both are open for takeaway.

If you've been missing having a good old browse through your favourite shops a number of found ways to open up their doors already. The Kitchen Whisk, Industry, Barn, Jenny Vander, Tales for Tadpoles and Stock are just a few of the very lovely, independant Dublin businesses that have opened their doors this week.

The award for all time best frontage post-covid has to go to Yamamori (Om Diva is a very close second -check out the dolls in their window!)- who by the way are open for delivery - yeahy



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