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Retap-tap-tapping away

Retap-tap-tapping away

Nothing like a refreshing gulp of water to quench your thirst...

...but it's so last year to buy plastic water bottles. I like to drink tap water in a beautiful glass bottle, because let's be honest a glass of water is easier to drink than a plastic of water! So these Retap glass bottles in petroleum green or grey do the job...

It's so handy to bring to work or college, or out for day trips, and I can live up to my expectations of myself of being sustainable, and hip at the same time! I bring it to my lectures and leave it on my desk at home or next to my bed. The lid (sold individually in different colours) is watertight, so I can just throw it in my bag and not worry about it leaking.

My roommate put a flower in it for me the other day ('cause yeah it looks that pretty and very Danish) and I realised you can use it for lots of different purposes, like making it into a vase or dressing shaker. Next step is to buy one of the walnut retap lids for when you leave it next to the bed at night, it just sits on top without having to press it down, so it's more for decoration purposes and keeping your water insect or dust-free. 

I am very happy with the size (half a litre); because it's not too heavy. I try to fill it 4 times a day, but because keeping hydrated is not my favourite pastime I add fresh fruit or veggies sometimes. Cool fact: the glass is borosilicate (like those beakers you used to use in science class) so you can use it for tea too and it won't break - don't throw it on the ground though! If you're a bit worried about it knocking off stuff in your bag like me, you can get a very handy sleeve with a small loop to attach to your bag, belt or buggy.  My Re-tap water bottle is my favourite new thing, and I'm so happy not to be buying plastic bottles any more.



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