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Getting to know Sam Agus Nessa

Getting to know Sam Agus Nessa

Sam and Nessa are living the dream life - carving beautiful creations at their Irish countryside workshop. They grow organic vegetables in the garden. They also have a cat called Dude. 

They make useful and beautiful wooden homeware products that we stock here in designist. They use locally sourced beeswax on the Irish timber they work with to smooth the wood and bring out it's beautifully grains and knots.
designist recently asked Sam and Nessa a few questions...

You create beautiful products (which we love to stock). Do you ever disagree over designs? 

S & N: We rarely disagree about anything, apart from who's turn it is to put the kettle's usually 
Nessa's! If a new idea is put forward we usually develop it together.

If you won the lottery, would you keep your life the same as it is now? If not, which changes would you make?
S & N: Maybe we would employ someone to make the tea! And definitely a new bed for the cat.

3) Do you give gifts of your own products? If not, what do you like to gift people?
S & N: Funny you should ask as that is how the business started! And it's how we test our new products. We do like to give quirky gifts and functionality is important, but fun is key.

4) What do you like to do in your downtime (if any!)?
S & N: We're full time cat parents and we grow lots in the garden.

5) What would your death row last meal be?
Sam - A cake with a file in it! Nessa - Mushrooms on toast (just happy to be cooked for).

6) What music is on your playlist at the moment?
Sam -  Akala. Nessa - Die Antwoord.

A big thank you to Sam and Nessa for satisfying our curiosities. You can get Sam agus Nessa products in store or on our website here
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