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saving space // holding it together

saving space // holding it together

One of the nicer jobs here at designist is getting to do product testing. This weekend a few of us (Jennie and Laura) took the newly arrived sofa caddy home to give it a test run. 

I (Laura) was curious about it. It is similar in design and use to one of our top bestsellers, the bedside pocket. The bedside pocket aims at creating easily accessible storage space. And is often bought for bedrooms where bedside tables are not practical, or where the user need to access things a little more readily. The sofa caddy is designed along this same premise.


At first look it is very similar to the bedside pocket and is made from the same grey felt. Where it differs is in its shape, it is shorter and a little more compact, and the flap of felt that is used to go over the sofa arm is completely flexible, meaning it should fit over most arms.


As you can see, the sofa caddy fit nicely over both sofas, and fit securely without any hassle. It even stayed in place without a wobble throughout a toddler tantrum in our house, which I was pretty impressed with.


even though these are more compact than the bedside pocket, don't let it fool you into thinking it is 'small'. We were both impressed at how much we could securely fit into the caddy. There is also a little hole at the bottom to allow you to thread phone chargers etc through so you can charge your devices while they sit in it.



we think these will become an instant classic. They are great for keeping remotes, devices etc together and in the one place, they secure over most sofas and their soft grey colour makes them work well on most colours. They are great at cutting down on that clutter and for keeping things together and to hand. It's a big thumbs up from Jennie and Me!

sofa caddy product test.


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