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68 south great george's street, dublin 2 (+353) 1 475 8534
shopping local this summer

shopping local this summer

Now the sun is streaming in through the window, it feels a bit like summer again! Hopefully it will stay out just long enough for us all the dry out a little bit 😂🤣🌦
Happy Tuesday everyone, we are back open again and ready to start the week. Keep an eye out for the new window install Laura is planning and the lovely new bags from @labienhecha which should pop out on the floor in the next day or so.
We are open til 5.30pm Tuesday - Saturday and between about 12-4pm ish on Sundays.



Birthday cards, celebratory cards, cards for new babies, parents, new homes, him, her and your one. We love cards here. Is there are are you *really* want but can’t find anywhere? Let us know, ya never know, you might see it on the shelves some time soon!



Yesterday saw the launch of a new sales initiative by @dccireland called #madelocal. We are proud to be part of this initiative which seeks to highlight, support and promote some of the very talents makers and designers in Ireland, and promote the businesses, shops and galleries that sell Irish made art, craft and design. . We hope over the new little while that #madelocal will be used across the island to promote some of the very many wonderful things produced in Ireland. Now more than ever, the importance of shopping local. There are a wealth of Irish businesses out there that are providing an abundance of lovely things. From artist run places, shops like ours on the high street, as well as many online business. So follow the hashtag, have a search and like, share, and support where you can. .



Literally as I get a post up all about the lovely sunny weather we are having and that maybe, just maybe, it might be lovely BBQ weather, the sky’s open and down comes the rain 🤦‍♀️ Only in Ireland, eh?! Well we DO have some lovely things for BBQing or just eating at home. From new bamboo salad bowls, glass wine (or fancy water) carafes, handmade chopping boards and all sorts of other bits and bobs.



Looking for something really personal to gift? . These personalised maps of the stars help your loved ones commentate the days, events and moments that really mean something to them. . What we love about these is just how much you can customise the prints. Rather than buying a premade poster, you buy a voucher. The receiver of the voucher then can chose exactly what date and place they want to commentate, and they are given a wide range of colour ways and designs to chose from. So whether they chose to have the day of their wedding, or the day of their first kiss, you can be sure they can pick the moment that means the most for them. . These made wonderful presents to commentate any big event, from new babies to weddings, big moves and big adventures. .



Did you know we have a newsletter? Laura sends one out every now and again, letting you know when we get new exciting things in stock, reviewing books and products, sending exclusive discount codes etc. She is told these are nice ways see what everyone is up to in the shop and she promises not to spam you! . You can sign up via our website 😃 . We are closed today and tomorrow so that the Designist crew can go off and enjoy the bank holiday weekend. If you are missing your dose of Designist, we are online as usual, and will pack up any orders made this weekend first thing on Tuesday.



If you are in Dublin this bank holiday Monday and are at a loss of something to do, why not get the walking boots on and hunt out some of the secret sights of town? It is so easy to be blasé about our home city, but seen as we are meant to be staycationing this summer, why not get into the tourist mood by beginning with what is right at your feet? Dublin has much more to offer than Georgian doorways, a shot up GPO and a supersized needle. ‘Secret Dublin’ is full of hidden corners, over looked spots and little cornucopias of history. It is a great way to get out of the house and to start discovering things about Dublin’s Fair City you never knew 🥾🥾🥾



Happy Tuesday! Hope you all had a fab bank holiday. We are back open now, and are all bright eyed and bushy tailed. Well, more or less anyway. The shop plants are looking great anyway. Somehow they have survived the last few months and seem to be very happy to be back up in the shop and getting smidgeon of sun. . Open until 5.30pm Tuesday - Saturday and between 12.30-5pm Sunday with a protected vulnerabile hour each weekday morning between 10.30-11.30am


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