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Softly, softly...

Softly, softly...

Dublin Herbalist 5 Step Facial Collection
Dublin Herbalists Collection
I'm not really one for facials outside of my home. I am low maintenance (in that regard) and on a daily basis, I consider anything further than a wash and a moisturise a bit of a faff. However, let it never be said that this old dog cannot be taught some new tricks and with this in mind, I brought the Dublin Herbalist 5 Step Facial Collection home last Friday night to give it a shot. And I must was good. 
The Lowdown
Step 1:The cleansing gel is rich yet not too thick (so it doesn't drag across your skin like some gels) and easy to wash off. Step 2: The exfoliating cleansing gel has enough "grit" in it to do the job, but not so much that you are left looking like a beet for the following 24 hours - i have the quintessential Irish rosy complexion and believe me, a harsh exfoliant can make this face red for up to 2 days. Step 3: Face mask time. This is really nice. It has a warming effect as soon as it goes on and is lightly scented with lavender. Step 4. Toner:  spray-on, dab-off. Fresh. Step 5: The rejuvenating cream feels deceptively light to apply, but contains argan oil, amongst other things, so is very moisturising. 
Dublin Herbalists 5 Step Facial
The Results are in
This was a very pleasant experience. My skin felt soft and smooth and smelled delightful. It didn't take forever - 25 minutes start to finish, and for 20 of those I was making myself a sandwich while my mask sank in (and eating it). This means that even I  could consider performing this little ceremony once a month The products are totally natural, free from parabens and other nasties and they smell great - earthy, natural and not too sweet. They are made in Dublin by the Herbalist herself. Need more convincing? The box claims to provide 6 full facials. Having done one myself, I am confident that I would get many more than 6 out of its contents. 
There we go, now. They suit all skin types so make a great gift, or a lovely treat for yourself. Even if you don't think you're a facials kinda person. 
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