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sorting you out for a rainy day and celebrating the class of 2020

sorting you out for a rainy day and celebrating the class of 2020

Well now, these are nifty little things. These pencil pouches are bookmarks and pencil cases all in one. Designed to slip over the cover of pretty much any standard A5 notebook, the elastic strap makes sure you are never lost for a pen. They fit about 4 pens so you can always have your favourites to hand, whether you are keeping up with the bullet journaling, sketching on the go, or just trying to be a wee bit more organised.
They come in 4 colour combos. We kinda love them, but We would love you to let us know what you think!


Ever wondered how our bottle scrubbies worked? This nifty little video demonstrates just how simple they are. These mini weighted sponges can be popped into pretty much any bottle or hard to clean object. Just add so@e soap and water and give it a good shake and TADA! Sparkly and clean! They come in a pack of 4 making them fab value as well. Great for cleaning out all those school water bottles, tea flasks and milk bottles.



COMPETITION TIME: 🎵🎶🎵rain rain, go away, come again another day🎶🎵🎶 Well, hello Autumn 🍂 it really is a day for staying indoors isn’t it?! Good thing everything is online and Hazel is ready to process all your orders for you, AND if you order before noon your parcel will DEFINITELY make it in today’s post, whoop. In the meantime as we are feeling all a bit soggy and in need of cheer here at Designist we have come up with a little competition for you. The first THREE people who come into the shop and sing us a rain related song gets a free rainy day surprise gift. Let’s spread the cheer and give ourselves things to sing about. Sure, we might even join in with ya!



We have loved featuring our range of #madelocal products by people who live and work in this country, a host of very talented humans. Time for a bit of a window change this week, as we are moving things around to fit all the new goodies that have arrived, pop by to have a little look 😃



A few people have been asking us exactly how these personalised maps of the stars work over the last few days, so we thought we would let you all have a bit of a goo. . These personalised prints come as a voucher for either you, or the person you gift them to, to personalise and redeem. . The voucher itself comes nicely presented in a black a5 envelope with simple instructions and a code to create, customise and redeem the print. It is up to you to decide if you want to gift this voucher to your loved ones, giving them the option to choose the exact design and date that is meaningful to them, or if you want to follow the instructions in the gift pack and gift a completed print. There are a pile of poster choices to choose from; from plain grey, black or white card, white with a pink, grey or blue print, with copper or gold foil. The final print is foil blocked on a3 size (30 x 42 cm ) heavy mount card presented in cellophane. . What we love about these is the ability to capture those moments in life that are unforgettable - special meetings, serious questions, new beginnings - the moments that change your world. These vouchers allow you (or your loved ones) to create your ( or their) very own personalised map of the stars print which show exactly where the stars, planets and constellations were situated at the exact time and location of that very special moment. . The prints take about 4 working days to arrive once redeemed, and the postage of this final print is included within the price. .



It is rare I would dedicate an entire Instagram post to one publication, but this is completely worth it. I was bowled over by this second issue of Holy Show, and wanted to shout out to all of you folks about it. Holy Show classes itself as ‘a magazine that presents all flavours of life, society and culture through the eyes of Ireland’s artists and writers’. And it is certainly this, though also so much more. This beautifully printed, composed and constructed magazine is brimming full of articles about all manner of things. Funny, thoughtful, harrowing and liberating, this slim little publication is the antidote we all need after too many days, weeks and months scrolling on social media. Grab a copy, get a nice hot cup of something and put your feet up for 5 minutes, you really won’t be disappointed (And you’ll just have to read the magazine yourself to find out what articles are in it!)



So now the kids are back in school something I NEVER thought would happen is happening. This weekend they declared themselves bored. Clearly school is much more stimulating then whatever lame activities I have been able to provide. Where just weeks ago they were happy with pj days and iPads, now they want to do THINGS. Clearly I need to up my game. Just as well I work here at @wearedesignist 😂🤣 Seen as the days are beginning to draw in, and (lets be honest) Mammy’s energy levels are not what they used to, I am in need of activities that will keep the little T̶e̶r̶r̶o̶r̶s̶ angels busy by themselves. I loved setting up this Junior Inventor toolbox, it is a surprisingly addictive set for budding builders and engineers. For mini zoologists and botanists this 3D microscope is really something else. It is a step above any standard ‘toy’ microscope so your little scientist can really explore and discover. I quite like this new book ‘Little Inventors Go Green’ too as it really compliments the kits. It’s packed full of info and has a pile of activities to keep the kids busy too. But let’s not forget the grown-ups, ‘cos all this entertaining is hard work. Nothing beats a perfect cup of tea to sooth a frazzled brain.



Well, the summer wasn’t bad while it was here, but I think it’s time to accept it is gone for the year. Time to check the bikes, make sure all the lights are working and all our cycling gear is up to scratch. These light up slap bands will definitely get you seen; simple, effective, the perfect addition to your winter cycling gear



Sometimes slightly squashed sambos just don’t cut it. I want more from my lunch. Like, I want layers and things to mix together, and I want it to LOOK great. These bento box style lunch boxes are great for those of us who want to change and customise our lunch each day. Just want a nice sandwich? Take out the inserts and tada! What tapas style finger food? Then utilise each compartment to give yourself a feast of flavours. Keep your salad away from your mains, give yourself extra space when eating - whatever works for ya, you can do with this super flexible, stylish and brighten up any day lunch box. Plus it is made from bamboo so it helps reduce your plastic waste so YIPEE



Do you know someone who has just gotten their results or are about to graduate? What a year it has been, it definitely is worth a little celebration 🥳


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