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Sugru Life Hacks

Sugru Life Hacks

Sugru is one of our nearest and dearest products; developed by Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh as part of her research for her Product Design MA at the RCA in London, Sugru was created as a way of fixing and improving things, rather than throwing them out to buy a new one.


Sugru has a similar consistency to Plasticine and cures to a sturdy but flexible consistency. It is particularly amazing because it sticks to just about anything, which makes it brilliant for fixing things, but there are a million more ways to use Sugru aside from fixing your phone charger.


Here are some cool tumblr-esque thangs you can do with your Sugru


1) Heat Resistant Pot Handles 

I don't need any help burning myself in the kitchen. Sometimes even my own pots are against me! Make your pans less burn-ey and more heat resistant by wrapping Sugru around the handles.

You can also completely re-organise your cupboards by creating pot lid holders on the inside of your cupboard door!



2) Phone Bumpers

Stop your phone from from smashing whenever it falls to the ground by attaching small blobs of Sugru to each corner. The Sugru acts like a shock-absorbing bumper so your screen doesn't take the brunt of the fall. 



3) Hanger Grips

Stop your more strappy bits from constantly falling off the end of your hanger by adding a little bump of Sugru to each end. 


4) Mug Hooks

Create extra mug storage by adding little hooks to your wall. Looks deadly and it eliminates the leaning tower of mugs-za at the back of your cupboard! 




5) Cable Organisers 

Untangle your cable jungle by creating tiny cable clips with little blobs of Sugru! Perfect for your desk or next to your bed.


Pick up a packet of Sugru on our website or call into us on Georges Street!


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